Gifted and Talented

Henry Hudson Regional School Gifted & Talented 2020-2021

Goals of our Program

To provide students with high abilities in one or more areas with opportunities that will challenge them in regular classroom settings, as well as accelerated enrichment programs that will enable them to make continuous progress in school.

Grade Spans / Scope of our Program

  • Identified students in grades 7-8 are eligible for Pre-Algebra, Enrichment Science/ELA, Algebra 8, and Spanish I-8 course opportunities at Henry Hudson Regional School. (see criteria below)
  • Students in grades 9-12 are afforded extended opportunities through participation in honors and advanced placement (AP) courses, as well as through differentiation in the regular classroom setting. (see criteria below)
  • Our robust selection of electives also serves as a vehicle for enrichment opportunities in various areas of student strength and interest.
  • The STEAM Academy in grades 9-12 offers identified students the opportunity to engage in a sequence of courses and experiences leading to a capstone project, internship in a field of their choice and graduation from this nationally- recognized program of study. (see criteria below)
  • The Monmouth County Arts Middle School and High School (hosted at Henry Hudson for the county) is a special program for artistically gifted and talented middle school and high school students. (see criteria below)

Please note: Enrollment in elementary G&T programming does NOT guarantee continued enrollment in Enrichment or Pre Algebra courses at Henry Hudson Regional School, nor is a student required to have prior G&T experiences in order to access such courses. Enrichment/Challenge courses at the elementary level are opportunities for enrichment, but do not constitute a "track" for students - the entry and exits to this program are flexible and contingent upon identification and continued student success. In addition, participation in G&T programming is optional for families and students, and we recognize that a number of our students may be gifted and talented, yet choose not to participate in any given year for various reasons.

Continuum of Services

The following courses and programs constitute Henry Hudson Regional School’s continuum of gifted services in all content areas (courses in white, full programs in blue):

AP Studio Art

Enrichment Science 7/8

AP Psychology

English I Honors

7th Grade Pre-Algebra

AP Chemistry

English II Honors

8th Grade Algebra

AP Physics

English III Honors

8th Grade Geometry

AP Biology

English IV Honors

Honors Algebra II

Spanish I, II, III, IV Honors

AP English Literature

Honors Geometry

Spanish I 8th Grade

AP English Language

Honors Precalculus

AP Music Theory

Enrichment ELA 7/8

AP Calculus AB

AP Online - Any Course at BOE cost

Biology Honors

Advanced Game Design

Brookdale Dual Credit

Chemistry Honors

AP Spanish

Brookdale Fast Start

Physics Honors

AP Environmental Science

Monmouth County Arts Middle School @ HHRS

World History Honors

AP US History

Monmouth County Arts High School @ Brookdale

US History Honors

STEAM Academy

Identification Process

  1. Multiple-measure identification matrix for academic criteria based on grade-level specific expectations in ELA and Mathematics, and other content areas as applicable.
  2. criteria1

    Complaint Process at Henry Hudson Regional School The parent/guardian of a child who is not identified for placement in gifted programming but who believes that their child has demonstrated the ability to be successful in the program may contact the guidance department requesting consideration based on additional information not previously considered (additional benchmark or standardized assessments not available at the time of initial identification).

    An individual who believes that the district has not complied with the provisions of N.J.S.A. 18A:35-34 et seq. may file a complaint with the Board of Education.  This policy for filing a complaint shall be linked to the homepage of the Board’s Internet website.  The Board shall issue a decision, in writing, to affirm, reject, or modify the district’s action in the matter.  The individual may then file a petition of appeal of the Board’s written decision to the Commissioner of Education through the Office of Controversies and Disputes in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:6-9 and the procedures set forth in State Board of Education regulations.