The Tri-District Regionalization Update (April 2022)

4/14/22 - Please see the latest news on Regionalization -Click here

Please see the latest news on the school district's regionalization study:
Tri-District Regionalization Feasibility Study Nears Completion

Read the most recent statement from the Tri-District Boards of Education related to regionalization and the Tri-District's grant-funded study on the feasibility of the consolidation of the three districts. 

Tri-District BOE Statement on Regionalization

Welcome to the Henry Hudson Tri-District, which consists of the Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, and Henry Hudson Regional School Districts.  The Tri-District is unique in that it consists of three one-school districts, along with three Boards of Education serving the towns of Atlantic Highlands and Highlands . The total composition of the Tri-District include nine board members from Atlantic Highlands,  seven board members from Highlands, nine board members from Henry Hudson Regional, one shared Tri-District Superintendent of Schools, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Supervisor of Special Services, two Business Administrators and several other shared positions.  The Boards of Education, principals, administrators, teachers, and staff of the Tri-District are dedicated to the success of our students.

Members from each of the Boards of Education meet monthly as the Tri-District Committee.  The members are committed to the continued growth and success of the three schools and all students.  We continue to look for ways to share services and explore other possible money savings options.  

2022 Members of the Tri-District Committee:

Atlantic Highlands
Elisabeth Eittreim
Erin Dougherty
Melissa Baxendine
Allison Jacobs

Henry Hudson
Mark Heter
Michael Gannon
Jill Karshmer

Diane Knox
Robyn Sanfratello
Irene Campbell


Read the January 29, 2020 letter from the Tri-District Boards of Education addressing regionalization below.

Letter to Mayor and Council from BOE Presidents.pdf