Gifted and Talented

Grades 7-12 Gifted and Talented 

Identified students in grades 7-8 are eligible for Pre-Algebra and Enrichment English Language Arts and Science courses at Henry Hudson Regional School.

Students in grades 9-12 are afforded the opportunity to participate in Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses and to receive differentiated instruction in the regular classroom setting. We also offer a STEM Academy sequence of courses for eligible students, which follows an accelerated and enriched pace and curriculum. Specific to electives, what we offer serves as a vehicle for enrichment in various areas of student strength and interest. 

Of importance, enrollment in similar grades 3-6 programming does not guarantee continued enrollment in Pre-Algebra and Enrichment courses at Henry Hudson Regional School, nor is a student required to have participated in this type of programming in order to access these courses.

A matrix of multiple measures and academic criteria based on grade level expectations is utilized to identify students. This includes: 

Grade 6 i-Ready spring benchmark scores 

Prior year grades

Prior year assessment scores 

(New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for English Language Arts/Mathematics/Science when available)

If a student meets the academic criteria, the teacher completes an evaluation that measures learning behaviors and areas of exceptional student strength. These areas include core academic areas as well as critical thinking, creativity, leadership, intrinsic motivation, task commitment, and curiosity.

In grades 7-12, gifted and talented students will be guided by their grade level guidance counselor and their classroom teachers.