Health Office Regulations

All students must return completed Health History form and student Emergency card (sides 1&2)during the first week of school. Immunizations are reviewed each year to insure compliance with state regulations. Illnesses that require a student be sent home from school include: fever over 100.0; conjunctivitis; head lice: rash of unknown origin; chicken pox. School nurse will advise parent if MD note is required for student to return to school.

In case of an accident, NO MATTER HOW SLIGHT, students are to report it immediately to the teacher in charge, then report to the nurse.

Tylenol will be administered to students with completed medication consent forms. Permission will not be taken over the phone. Other "mild medications" such as Aspirin, Midol, or DiGel will not be dispensed to students unless ordered by a doctor.

Medication ordered by a doctor or dentist will be administered to a student by the school nurse. The medication must be in a container labeled by the pharmacy. The label must identify the medication, state the time to be taken, show the date and the doctor’s name. The parent/guardian must also submit permission for the nurse to dispense the medication.

All medications brought to school by students or for students MUST be left in the health office upon arrival. The nurse will issue a pass so the student may come to the health office to take required medication.

If a student becomes ill during the day, he/she is to go to the Health Office with a hall pass filled out by the classroom teacher. Any student reporting to the Health Office must sign the Health Office log. If the nurse is not available, the student is to report to the Main Office. All students excused to go home because of illness must be picked up by car or taken by taxi. STUDENTS WHO BECOME ILL IN SCHOOL ARE NOT PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE BUILDING WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM THE NURSE OR THE ADMINISTRATION.

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