20 Alumni Posts (Updated 3/23/08)

Bennett, Amy
Moved from Neptune to HAZLET, bought a house so I won't be moving anymore (Thank God) Although its the money pit I'm still grateful, thanks to my mom, 3 kids (there wild) best thing I ever did. Hardest thing I ever did. Since Sept 11th our lives will be different forever. Don't take anything for granted life is precious don't blink or you might miss something that you will never forget! Peace to Everyone. Are you happy Andy my dear brother I changed it!! Love ya Amy!!

Boyce (Gordon), Audrey

Britton, T. J.
Hey! Doing fine. I live in Bozeman, Montana. I am working on a historical preservation crew in Yellowstone National Park. I am married to Cecelia Rossetti, and we have two daughters. Sage is 6 and Delaney is 6 months.

Buckley (Meade), Jeanette
Hey everyone, hope all are well. I changed my e-mail address, this is the new one. Please disregard the jnetteb@msn.com. Anyway, two kids, Elisha - 16, and Joey - 12, making me old. Married, but happily seperated. Would love to hear from some of the graduating class.

Ciano, Joe (Updated 3/23/08)

Colelli, Tanis
Hey everyone! Still in NJ. Have two beautiful children Chris 14, and Chelsea 9. Working as the Assistant to the Business Administrator at Atlantic Highlands Board of Education. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care!

Creighton, David

Giusti, Danielle

Gmoch (Ostermiller), Dawn

Horn (Strouse), Georgeanna

Kenney, Eugene R.
(Updated 3/23/08)
I am in the US Navy and am stationed in Phoenix, AZ. I made the rank of a First Class Petty Officer (E6) and work at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). I am interested in hearing from anyone, please feel free to email me. Take care.

Lambert (Trenet), Denise

Marsh (Martinez), Marie
Hi there,was married for 7 years lived in Florida for about 10 years. Now living in Maine with 3 kids..2 boys 10 and 20 months and 1 girl 7..and no longer married. Found a new man :-)

Meahan, Norah

Mendes, Jennifer

Nonnemacher, Danny
Moved to Charlotte, NC in June due to being hired as police officer for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Married, no children. Well, no longer living in Charlotte, NC. I worked there for a little over a year as a Police Officer and have seen it all. I am now working as an Officer in my hometown of Atlantic Highlands.

Prasch, Sandy

Richards (Will), Alisa
Hello everyone... recently (last September) bought a bar in good
old Atantic Highlands... Castaways Bar & Grill. Please come visit me....
we have a full menu and nightly entertainment.. It's a fun place and I
would love to see some "Hudson" people! Take care -- wish you all well.

Sarcomo, Gino
Living in D.C., working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff as an Air Force Captain. Married, no kids yet. Hope everyone is well.

Wingender, Danielle
Would love to hear from anyone from the good old days.

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