College Information

College Application Process: 

1. Sign in and Update all information in Naviance Family Connection 
2. Sign FERPA Waiver ( must have matched Common App Account to your Naviance)
3.Request Letters of Recommendations ( two teachers + Ms. DeWyngaert)
4. Complete Brag Sheet in Naviance - Must be completed to have Letters of Recommendation written 
5. Applications:

  • ***You are responsible for preparing and submitting each of your applications.  Your application is the most important document in the process. It should be the first document submitted to the college and must be on time!   The college needs to start a file before it can add other school documents. If you wait until the deadline day to submit, your supporting documents can’t possibly be logged in as “on time.”

6.Complete a transcript request form, pick up in Guidance, as an official transcript must be sent to each college 

  • ***Please allow 10 school days from when the application is due or target date in order to be processed

  • ***Example: November 1st deadline, transcript request must be to guidance by October 18th

7. Send necessary test scores through college board or ACT website 

Please make an appointment with Ms.DeWyngaert if you have any questions. 

Hudson's College Corner
EEB Code is 310528

Useful Websites: 

The Common App
Apply to college with the Common App 


College Board
      Find SAT test dates, Khan Academy Link, and much more

College Essay Help 

ACT Test Information
      ACT test information, test dates, and test preparation materials 

Henry Hudson Presentations/Information: 

HS Postsecondary 2018 Presentation.pdf
      Power-point Presentation from the 2018 Senior Post Secondary Planning Night on September 11, 2018. 

PSAT Presentation 2016-17.pdf
     PSAT Presentation for students and parents 

Junior Planning Night 2017.pdf
      Scheduling and College Planning Presentation for the Class of 2018