*Math 7
Math 7 meets everyday during Period 3 in Room 206.

Class Expectations
1. Come to class with all materials (binder, pencils, agenda, Chromebook) and ready to learn.
2. When the bell rings, copy homework into agenda, then begin working on the Do Now.
3. Be an productive member of the class; copy all examples, listen to explanations, volunteer in discussions, and ask questions.
4. Refrain from disrupting the learning of others; raise your hand, be respectful to classmates and teachers, stay on task.
5. Try your best!

Classwork, Homework, Tests, and Quizzes will consist of Digits assignments (online) and other types of assignments (on paper). All work must be shown in binder, even for online assignments to receive full credit.

Work Heading:
Name Date
Assignment Period

Grading Policy
35% - Tests & Projects
25% - Quizzes
20% - Homework
10% - Classwork
10% - Binder Check